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Since last week Microsoft Office is now freely available for all members of the Ruhr-University.

If you intend to use the cloud services that come along with Office 365 (the online version of office) please read the following information:

For employees:

  • Do not use online office or oneDrive for confidential documents.
  • Do not store any files that contain person related data (e.g. Grades or Certificates) on Microsofts Cloud Servers.

For all:

  • Do not store any files that contain person related data like names or adresses (e.g. Data you collected for you research including contact lists) without the consent of those described by that data.
  • Please do not use the official Outlook-app since it routes your mails through external servers without any necessity.
  • Be aware that files that are have stored and afterwards deleted can not be considered as “gone forever” since they might still be stored in backups

Wo liegt das Problem?

Microsoft promises high data protection standards but it is not yet clear to which extend for example us-american institutions can gain access to that data. In addition we have not yet been able to learn to which extend the data is used and analysed by Microsoft itself.

Was kann ich tun?

If you like the benefits of cloud storage like oneDrive or DropBox for your files that contain person related data consider using additional encryption tools like boxcryptor or cryptomator.